weekly plan2019-07-04



The English class2019-06-28

weekly plan2019-06-28

The English class2019-06-21

weekly plan2019-06-21


The English class2019-06-14

weekly plan2019-06-14


The English class2019-06-06


weekly plan2019-06-06



weekly plan2019-05-31

weekly plan2019-05-24


The English class2019-05-17

weekly plan2019-05-17

weekly plan2019-05-10


The English class2019-05-10

The English class2019-04-26


weekly plan2019-04-26

weekly plan2019-04-18

The English class2019-04-18


The class2019-04-12

weekly plan2019-04-12


weekly plan2019-04-04

Outside Activity2019-04-04

The English class2019-04-04

Outside Activity2019-03-29

The English class2019-03-29

weekly plan2019-03-29

The class2019-03-22

weekly plan2019-03-22

The English class2019-03-22


weekly plan2019-03-14

The English class2019-03-14


The English class2019-03-08

weekly plan2019-03-08

weekly plan2019-01-25

Having fun2019-01-25

English class2019-01-18

weekly plan2019-01-18

English class2019-01-10

English class2019-01-10

weekly plan2019-01-10

tennis class2019-01-04

weekly plan2019-01-04


weekly plan2018-12-28

English class2018-12-28

Having fun2018-12-21

English class2018-12-21

weekly plan2018-12-21

English class2018-12-14

Having fun2018-12-14

weekly plan2018-12-14

English class2018-12-07


weekly plan2018-12-07

Having fun2018-11-30

English class2018-11-30

weekly plan2018-11-30

weekly plan2018-11-23


Make hat2018-11-23

English class2018-11-16

Drawing boy and girl2018-11-16

weekly plan2018-11-16


English class2018-11-09

weekly plan2018-11-09


Happy Halloween2018-11-02

weekly plan2018-11-02

olimpic park.2018-10-26

played tennis2018-10-26

weekly plan2018-10-26

Outside sport2018-10-19


weekly plan2018-10-19

weekly plan2018-10-12

Outside games2018-10-12

English class2018-10-12


weekly plan2018-09-29

Apple tree2018-09-29

Make a hat2018-09-20


weekly plan2018-09-20


A Butterfly2018-09-14

weekly plan2018-09-14

Class Work2018-09-07

weekly plan2018-09-07


Weekly Plan2018-08-30

Crafting Lesson.2018-08-30


weekly plan(8.6-8.10)2018-08-03

Weekly plan2018-07-27

Balance Activity.2018-07-27

Weekly plan2018-07-18

Complete the words2018-07-18

Outside activity2018-07-18

Weekly plan2018-07-18

Making a fan2018-07-18

Indoor activity2018-07-18

Weekly plan2018-06-22

Ophthalmologist check2018-06-22


Making a traditional Chinese rice-pudding2018-06-15

Team race2018-06-15

Weekly plan2018-06-07

Draw your dream2018-06-07

Physical examination2018-06-07

Weekly plan2018-06-01

Learning to count2018-06-01

The great race2018-06-01

Weekly plan2018-05-24

Getting a gift from classmate2018-05-24

The art class2018-05-24

Weekly plan2018-05-17

The mother's day2018-05-17

The english class2018-05-17

Weekly plan2018-05-10

Outdoor activity2018-05-10

The art class2018-05-10

Weekly plan2018-05-04

Outdoor activity2018-05-04

Weekly plan2018-04-27

Dentists visit2018-04-27

Race with obstacles2018-04-27

Little gardeners2018-04-20

Exploring the difference between thickness.2018-04-20

Weekly plan2018-04-20

Weekly plan2018-04-12

Making Paper Windmills2018-04-12

What is friendship2018-04-12

What is friendship2018-04-12

Weekly plan2018-04-04

Overcoming the obstacles2018-04-04

Weekly plan2018-03-29

Making slippers2018-03-29

Outdoor activity2018-03-29

Weekly plan2018-03-22

Indoor activity2018-03-22

The English class2018-03-22

Weekly plan2018-03-15

Protect our teeth2018-03-15

Roller skating class2018-03-15

Weekly plan2018-03-08

The math class2018-03-08

Make the light2018-03-08

Making a lion2018-01-24

Walking on a bench2018-01-24

Weekly plan2018-01-24

“How many cookies?” worksheet.2018-01-17


Weekly plan2018-01-17

Weekly plan2018-01-11

Games complex2018-01-11

Finding out the shapes2018-01-11

Obstacle course2018-01-05

Worksheets “Hot to behave in an airplane”2018-01-05

Weekly plan2018-01-05

Weekly plan2017-12-28

Airport role-playing game2017-12-28

Kung Fu class2017-12-28

Weekly plan2017-12-22

Christmas wish.2017-12-22

Christmas wish.2017-12-22

Making Paper Santa Claus.2017-12-22

Weekly plan2017-12-14

The picture in the water2017-12-14

Bags jumping2017-12-14

Weekly plan2017-12-06

Play the tyre2017-12-06

Share the happiness2017-12-06

Weekly Plan2017-11-30

Make the turkey2017-11-30

Make the air plane2017-11-30

Weekly plan2017-11-23

Outdoor activity2017-11-23

Outdoor activity2017-11-23

Outdoor activity2017-11-23

Reading class2017-11-23

Weekly plan2017-11-17

Indoor activiyt2017-11-17

The art class2017-11-17

Weekly plan2017-11-10

The math class2017-11-10

Outdoor activity2017-11-10

Weekly Plan2017-11-03

All Saints'Day2017-11-03

Go to the olympics park2017-11-03

A martial art2017-10-26

Grow flowers2017-10-26

Weekly plan2017-10-26


Magic sea2017-10-19

Weekly plan2017-10-19

Weekly Plan2017-10-13

Greedy snake2017-10-13

Small animal crawling hall2017-10-13

Weekly plan2017-09-30

I love my motherland2017-09-30

Protect teeth2017-09-30

Weekly plan2017-09-22

Number of objects corresponding2017-09-22

Roller skating2017-09-22

Weekly plan2017-09-15

Tearing up paper sticker2017-09-15

Sports Health2017-09-15

Weekly plan2017-09-08


We started school2017-09-08

Weekly plan2017-07-28

English class2017-07-28

Weekly plan2017-07-21

I exercise. I2017-07-21

Weekly plan2017-07-14


Weekly plan2017-07-08

I'll pour water myself2017-07-08

I will play like this2017-07-08

Weekly plan2017-06-29

Reading class2017-06-29

Outdoor activity2017-06-29

Outdoor activity2017-06-23

Father's Day2017-06-23

Weekly plan2017-06-23

Weekly plan2017-06-14

English class2017-06-14

Colour pictures2017-06-14

Weekly plan2017-06-08

Indoor activity2017-06-08

Make birthday presents2017-06-08

Weekly plan2017-06-01

Love singing love dancing class2017-06-01

Weekly plan2017-05-25

Examine the body2017-05-25

The Dragon Boat Festival2017-05-25

Weekly plan2017-05-19

Put an end to bad habits2017-05-19

A trip to flower harbor2017-05-19

Weekly plan2017-05-12

Fat pig2017-05-12

Basket ball2017-05-12

Weekly plan2017-05-05

Outside activity2017-05-04

Make a bee2017-05-04

Weekly plan2017-04-26

English class2017-04-26

Checked tooth2017-04-26

Weekly plan2017-04-20

Thinking class2017-04-20

Reading class2017-04-20

Weekly plan2017-04-14

Outdoor activities2017-04-14

How to brush teeth2017-04-14

Outside play2017-04-07

Weekly plan2017-04-07

Olympic Forest Park2017-03-31

Weekly plan2017-03-31

Plant flowers2017-03-31

Weekly plan2017-03-24

I and my English class2017-03-24

Little fish, mama.2017-03-24

Weekly plan2017-03-18

Outdoor explorer2017-03-18

News paper hat2017-03-18

My story friend.2017-03-14

Weekly plan2017-03-10

Mom, I love you.2017-03-10

Weekly plan2017-03-02


Parlor games2017-03-02

Weekly plan2017-02-23

Ice World2017-02-23

Weekly plan2017-02-17

Orange flower2017-02-17

Weekly plan2017-02-16

Orange flower2017-02-16

Weekly plan2017-01-20


Weekly plan2017-01-06

Kindergarten happy life2017-01-06

Kindergarten happy life2017-01-06

Weekly plan2016-12-30

I will tell a story2016-12-30

I will tell a story2016-12-30

Merry Christmas.2016-12-30

Weekly plan2016-12-26

Share the joy2016-12-26

Weekly plan2016-12-16

English class2016-12-16

Outdoor games2016-12-16

Weekly plan2016-12-09


Outdoor games2016-12-09

Weekly plan2016-12-02

Car museum2016-12-02

Thanksgiving Day2016-12-02

Weekly plan2016-11-25

The car line2016-11-25

Winter in my eyes2016-11-25

Weekly play2016-11-17

Protect teeth2016-11-17

Go to the supermarket2016-11-17

The activity time2016-11-09

The river2016-11-09

English class2016-11-07


Happy little fish2016-10-28

Protect the baby teeth2016-10-26

English class2016-10-26

Kind of small garlic pro2016-10-16

Sweet lollipop2016-10-16